Barracuda 600 Windlass for Boats up to 30ft
Barracuda 600 Windlass for Boats up to 30ft
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Barracuda 600 Windlass for Boats up to 30ft

Powerful and compact windlass constructed using only 316L stainless steel for long term, trouble-free, operation.  These low profile models take up less space on deck and are designed for smooth & silent operation.  High speed drop of up to 38m/126ft. per minute and manual free fall with adjustable clutch.  Works with chain only or rope/chain combinations.

Included with Purchase:  Windlass Head Unit, Motor, Gear Box, Solenoid, Handle, Mounting Template and Installation Quick Guide.

B612 - Barracuda 600 Windlass for Boats 20 ft. to 30 ft.

Designed for boats: 6m to 9m / 20ft. to 30ft. 

Boat weight: up to 4000kg / 8800lbs. 
Max chain size: 6mm - 1/4", 50m - 165ft. length
Max anchor weight: 10kg. / 22lbs. (depending on type) 
Max ground tackle weight in total: 60kg / 132lbs.  Max ground tackle weight = 30% of max working load. (weight of chain, rope and anchor in total).
Motor: 600 watt, 12 volt 
Speed Down: 28m / 92ft. min. approx.
Speed Up: 25m / 82ft. min. (under normal load using 6mm / ¼” chain)
Rope/Chain combo: 33m /108ft. min. approx.
Amp draw down: 25amp 
Amp draw up:  47amp. (with normal load: 6mm / ¼” chain).  38amp. (with Rope/Chain combo) approx.
Most used Chain length: 30 to 50mtr. / 98 to 165ft. 
Most used Rope/Chain combinations: DB1/2-150 = 165ft.  DB1/2-200 = 215ft.  DB1/2-250  = 265ft.
Anchor: 6kg / 10kg - 13lb. / 22lb.
Circuit breaker: 80amp 
Cable size: 25mm / 2 or 3 AWG (Normal cable length) 
Switch gear needed for installation: Circuit Breaker #90080 , Rocker Switch #90801, Foot Switch #90900B, Recommended: Combo Pack: #92080. 
Deck Thickness: 20mm to 35mm / 3/4" to 1.5" (Up to 65mm / 2.5" with longer bolts – customer supplied)


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